All participants: 3116822
New for 24 hours: 338
Paid off altogether: 118326627.60
Project’s reserve: 223047611.90



How to start playing?
After registration in the project you go to the section «Store», where you make necessary buyings. After that you need to go to the section «Game», to collect and sell leaves.
If I didn’t replenish the account, can I start playing?
Yes, you can! The daily bonus will allow you to collect some coins to buy your first Bush
Why do i need a scarecrow?
Every day, evil birds will attack your field, which can peck part of the harvest. To protect your plantation from plaque, buy a scarecrow in the store.
What does the guard dog give?
Other players can send cunning thieves to your field who are able to steal part of the harvest. To protect yourself from them, purchase a watchdog in the store. A guard dog also protects the field from moles.
I want to change my Email - is it possible?
Not possible! And this is a guarantee of your own safety. If suddenly the attackers find out the password from your account, and change it, they will not be able to change the Email to which the account is linked that gives you a guarantee that you will always be able to regain access to your account, restoring your password using Email

Account replenishment

How to replenish the account?
You can replenish your account in the section «Deposit» in any convenient for you way.
How many coins will i receive for replenishment?
For each ruble you will be credited with 100 coins.
I replenished the account, but the money didn’t come – what to do?
Wait. The speed of the replenishment depends on the chosen way of payment. That’s why the time of payment can vary from 1 minutes till 2 working days.
Before making the payment ATTENTIVELY read the terms of transition, or payment.

If You have done everything correctly and since the payment has passed a sufficient amount of time, but the money has not been credited to your account, then:
1.Go to the personal account of the payment system where you made the payment.
2.Open the payment history section and find the payment that was not delivered.
3.Click on it to view all the details of this payment.
4.Take a screenshot. ( About what is a screenshot and how to make it, written in detail here) If you made a payment through the terminal, then take a photo of the check.
5.Write an appeal to the support service, specifying the date, time, amount of payment, and attach a screenshot from the previous paragraph.

Withdrawal of funds

How to withdraw the money from the project?
You can withdraw earned money in the «Cash out» section. There are special forms for payments.
How much gold is needed to withdraw 1 RUB?
When withdrawing funds from the project, the rate of 100 gold = 1 ₽
I have a lot of coins, but i can not conclude. What to do?
To withdraw 1 ruble you need to have 100 gold and 1 unit. energy.
What is energy for?
Energy is a special game resource that can be used for in-game purchases and withdrawals. The ways to get energy are described in detail in the Game Rules
I have energy, but why can‘t i pull it out?
To withdraw 1 ruble, the amount of energy and gold set by the rules is needed. If, if you have enough energy, you cannot make a cash withdrawal, then this means that you do not have enough gold


How can I draw in referrals?
You need to send your referral link to the person whom you want to draw in. As soon as this person replenishes the account – he/she will be considered your active referral, and you’ll get bonuses for him/her! You can track the activity of your referrals in the section «Referrals»

More ideas on how to draw in referrals you can find here
If i invite friends, what will i get?
Thanks to our referral system, you will be able to receive 40% of the friend’s replenishment amount. For referrals of the 2nd level, this indicator is 15%, and for 3-5 levels - 0%.
I want to change my referrer or referral, how to do that?
Unfortunately this data is impossible to be changed! If your friend didn’t become your referral after registration, it means that he registered by not your link.
Levels of referrals – what is that?
1 level is your referral. 2 level is a referral of your referral. 3 level is a referral of your referral’s referral.
Who is an active referral?
Active referral is a referral who has replenished his account
My friend registered via my link but did not become my referral
If you gave someone your link and after registering with this person in the profile instead of the referrer are not you, but someone else, it may mean that:

a) You made a mistake when you copied and sent your referral link
b) The user to whom you sent the link made a mistake when copied or entered your link in the address bar
c) The user intentionally removed the ending with your ID from your link so as not to become your referral
d) After clicking on your link, the user went to someone else's referral link and only then passed the registration. In this case, it will become a referral on whose exile he has moved in the last turn
e) Cookies are disabled in the user's browser

In most of the cases, you can help reduce your referral link with special services, such as service

For all other questions please contact us by e-mail:
[email protected]